Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Million Minutes Reflection.

One: My three favourite subjects in school are, Geography, French and Science.
Two: When i go to collage i wanna study medicane or war.
Three: My goals after graduation is to plan out my life, and go straght into making it, no break in between.
Four: I put a lot of time in to majour projects, i start my project the same time i get it. I like getting a head start on things, so that way i can go back and correct it if i have to.
Five: When i have homework and i need help i only ask my mom. I only ever need help with homework when it comes to math and that was both my parents best subjects.
Six: The only goals my parents have me is to be succesfull, they dont care what i become or what i do. They want good grades and a good education. I have no choice i have to go to university there's is absloutly no fighting that. But, my im always told i can do what ever i set my mind to as long as its going to get me somewhere.
Seven: I have had a few teachers that do not know the subject they are teaching. Deffintly my math teacher.. more then half my class was/is failing and its extremly hard to learn anything! Im always having to come home and get taught again. Which i never have trouble in any other courses. I think it all depends on the teacher.
Eight: Im extremly competive when it all comes down to it, i wanna pass but i wanna pass with a high number, i dont like getting the lowist grade out of all my friends. I put in all my effort into until it gets to the point like math if the teachers not helping i cant get it then its done. I dont like failing cause i feel like i let my parents down.
Nine: Its a concurn in the way that if they are not coming from our country but come from say India and take up all our spots i dont think thats far because, thats our source of education they have got there own. But, then again if they worked for it i guess they deserve it. although i dont full agree with it. And when i walk away from this course i will have the knowledge to be so much more aware with the world.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two Milllion Minutes.

- Americans arent golably aware on whats happening there more occupied on whats happening in there community.
- Two million minnutes a year.
- Most of Chinas top universitys people come there to study, math, engenering and science.
- 1/3 of Indian children are in a profit school.
- In India engenering in the most chossen job.
- 40% of the students in the u.s.a do not take any science classes.
- American students typically only score high on one thing .. self-confidence.
- American education K-12 has been a failure.
- 3% african american 20% whites 34% asian-americans 4% hyspanics
have a high rating in math by grade 12.
- Out of all the states America places 24th in Math.
- India is strugeling to get out of poverty, People in India are chosing to be an ingeneer because,
they know that this is one job that will for sure take them out of poverty.
- China has a one child polisy in education, so they invest lots in one child to make sure
they are supported and get a good education.
- People are sayinga Americans life seems almost like a dream, only study when they want to.
- Indian students get at 4:30am to start there studying and go to the night, sometimes without a break.
- Some Indian students get up at 7am and go threw right till 7pm.
- Education system in India is much more intense, you must graduate high school with a certain
grade point average to even be considred for a good job.
- Chinas school year is a full month longer then u.s.a school year, plus china goes longer with there day.
- When you calculate it all up, China students has spent twice as long studying then the u.s.a students.
- The average american student spends 900 hours studying & 1,500 hours watching tv.
- 110 students are studying english in China.
- Nearly 60% of engennering degrees are earned in the u.s.a but more then half are international.
- Your competting with anyone, anyhwere in the world.\

- The number doesnt matter, its the people of those numbers. How experinced and knowledgble they are.- Only the highest score in the end are accpeted.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Digtal Citzenship

-The right to free speach
- Right to privacy
- citzenship=responsbility
- Obey golden rule
- Harm= cyberbulling/ identity theft
- Digtal technolgy= supposta to be used to infoorm our kids about the future and the best way.
- Your rights and responsblitys of using the internet.

5 points
5 ways digtal citzenship is being used innapropitly ..
1. Students use digital cameras to take pictures of a test.
2. Students use text-messaging during class.
3. Teachers and students fail to keep up with virus protection and
back-up files.
4. Teachers do not provide technology access to those who do not
have technology at home.
5.Children are contuinsly being syberbullyed.

Digtal Citzenship Includes:
1.Technical awareness and access
2.Indivivual awareness
3.Soical awareness
4.Cultural awareness
5.Global awareness

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mine Rescue Global Impact

Mine rescue has a Global impact because,
- Miners were stuck down there for 69 days. Since augest:5th
- It took a full around the clock 48 hours to rescue everyone out from the mine.
- They sent down six workers to mine to help the miners.
- There was 33 miners stuck down under.
- Canada and USA and many other countries were involved in helping.
- Austrea built the time capsile to help get everyone out.
- The drill's were made from Pensilvanya
- Two expert drillers were brought out from Afghanstan
- A father miner whos daughter was born well he was underground, a former national footballer, returned to his family and his love for the game. and a miner who was forced to choose between his mistress and wife because, well he was underground his secret affair came out.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

My perfect learning enviorment

 What is your perfect learning enviorment?
My perfect learning enviorment is, being able to use your computeres and phones for the use of finding out the information you need to know. Some teachers are all for students learning on computers and meeting children on there own road exactly where there standing because, that is exactly where students will learn the best. But other teachers are all about the olden days when the old fashion paper and pencil was exactly what was used around the clock, when you had to look up your information by flipping threw huge books, book after book. My perfect learning enviorment, is a little of both. Being able to sit in class and learn but also having the mixture of learning to the best of our ability on todays technolgy. Only because, once we are sent out into the world things are a little diffrent now and not only you do you need to know how to read, write adn speak a language now you need two languages. Now you need to know how to work mobile phones and every app on a computer, you need to know how to vitualy communcatire anytime, anywhere because, if we dont know that were going to have to go right back to school to learn everything we didnt.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Digtal Nation

-Students are distracted between there studies and there outside internet world.|
-Students belive that they are able to multitask and are able to give both jobs at the time 100%
but, the teachers say that you can not mulit task you can only do one thing at a time to succesed to the best of your abiltiy.
-Teachers did a study on the students to see how fast and effective they can multi task and still do there job to the best of ther abilty but, they found that they were very slow and non efficent when multi tasking.
-Our genration tends to distract ourselves to death.
-Do we actually even do anything creative?
-People feel like since there so distracted and mulitasking that when people dont anwser them as fast as you respond to them they tend to see ther minds race are you mad at me? whats wrong?
-kids are spending more then 50hours of a week digtal media.
-How a young person chosses to spend there childhood will detarmin how they live and how there brain is when they grow up.
-Drinking and Smoking is just as addictive as video games, the internet and plain old technolgy.
-In south korea there is something callled "PC bombs" this is rooms that people can stay and play video games all hours of the day and night, people have even been found to die in these rooms because, people have spent more then 50 hours playing these games without little food or water.
- 90% of south koren children use the intrenet on a daily basis and 10 - 15% of those childern are at a majour risk.
- South Korea is even now trying to treat video game users as a mental disabilty.
- South Korea has even opened a free intrent rescue camp to rescue these kids from technolgy.
they are left there for two weeks.
- The internet is the "new human being" the new updated human.
- "Constintly playing video games, shrinks your ability to think"
- "The dumbist genration" the kids today are the dumbist genration beacuse, we are not really acdemcially smart as the genration before us only because, we have same many digtal distractions.
- Only 6% of the Unvirsity students come prepared to class with pen and paper.
- Marc Printske writes many books on digtal natives.
-If you dont keep up with the new technolgy, your left behind.
-Most people meet there lifetime partners in the online game room.
- Real lives are migrating to virtual lives
- Army sergants after being in war some are in post trammettic/anxiety and stress and they come back home to go to one of the 40 places that virtualy treat them.
- Some people are disconnecting because, they are at war all day and then able to come home and visit, be with there famillys.
- America has a free gaming army store where you are able to come and play the video games, and see what war is like, there are using it as a recutting center.
- People are protesting to shut down the army recuting free video games center because, they say that is tricking kids to coming into the army and they are getting confused between virtual are reality.
- The game world is equaly rich as reading a book.
- More and more schools are teaching threw the computers, they say that we have to meet kids on there level.
- What will we hold on to and what will we leave behind?

Friday, September 24, 2010


When face book crashed, i had absolutely no idea and i think every ones reaction would be pretty traumatic only because, everyone tends to use face book as a social connection and although no one wants to admit to pretty much being addicted to face book everyone is. I think if face book was to disappear right off the Internet it would be the hottest talking phenom out there, i think my reaction would be that its very boring with out face book but no where near to reacting as if the world was ending. I actually think that it might be a good thing for everyone to get a break from it. Face book was one of the smartest idea's invented out there by far, it has everything beat.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Google World

Don't be evil - Googles modo.
20 bedbites a day / a billion google searches a day
Larry Paige and Serget Bin created google
After 10 years google became a huge corrapratin
Google is a threat to other corporates
Google was created in palo
First google search network was created out of Lego blocks and first headquarters was created in a garage.
Goo Gol a miss spelling of a scientific word was created in to the word Google.
There employers are encouraged to spend 20% of there day on google do something on it they enjoy.
Gmail was created in one day/launched on April:1st
Google is an advertising money making machine.
Took over just 6years for Larry and Sergent to become billoners.
Google receives just over a million job applications a year.
Google made sure they surrounded them self with genius people.
Google is moving into cloud computing.
Google has whiteboards everywhere to jot notes/draw and hadwritten to erase mistakes and figure out the problems and what they are creating.
China chooses what gets threw the china  fire wall on google.
by 2009 the number of internet users in china was more then the popultaion of the united states

Friday, September 17, 2010

Social Networking

My first experience with social networking was msn, absolutely everyone had it and that was the "new cell phone" before everyone had cell phones everyone had msn and that's how you communicated with all your friends. But now the new social networking is all about face book and cell phones, to make plans or talk to someone or even share what your doing in your life its all done over the common the cell phone and face book, now they have even made cell phones so you can atomically take a picture and send it over your phone to face book or even across the world within a matter of seconds.  I believe that most of these social networking sits and utensils are not being used properly because, now all you hear about is people posting inappropriate things all over the Internet. Even all bullying now is done threw the social networking communications because, everyone has become to wimpy and adapted to hiding behind a computer or a cell phone to cyber bully someone else, i think that the world would be allot easy er/happier and simpler if these social networks were not created.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My first flattning experince

My first flattening experience was when, we were taught about how McDonald's drive threw windows there orders were not only taken by the people working inside of McDonald's but, the orders were being taken from people who could be across the world, this is called outsourcing, this is something that intrigued me. The ten flattners are .. Collapse of the Berlin wall, Netscape, Work flow software,Outsourcing,off shoring also there is Open source,Supply-chaining,In sourcing,Informing and The steroids. Another experience was when we went to Mexico and before you get on the plane you are able to check in online before you board the plane.  You are able to do any of these anywhere at any time. I think that home sourcing is something allot of people do not realise is out there, i sure didn't until i was just told. Its definitely something people forget about easily and don't realise when they are ordering from McDonald's or calling for reservation's. I think home sourcing is an upgrade and pretty cool.