Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My first flattning experince

My first flattening experience was when, we were taught about how McDonald's drive threw windows there orders were not only taken by the people working inside of McDonald's but, the orders were being taken from people who could be across the world, this is called outsourcing, this is something that intrigued me. The ten flattners are .. Collapse of the Berlin wall, Netscape, Work flow software,Outsourcing,off shoring also there is Open source,Supply-chaining,In sourcing,Informing and The steroids. Another experience was when we went to Mexico and before you get on the plane you are able to check in online before you board the plane.  You are able to do any of these anywhere at any time. I think that home sourcing is something allot of people do not realise is out there, i sure didn't until i was just told. Its definitely something people forget about easily and don't realise when they are ordering from McDonald's or calling for reservation's. I think home sourcing is an upgrade and pretty cool.

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  1. yeah i totally agree i think outsourcing is pretty cool. this was well written.