Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Google World

Don't be evil - Googles modo.
20 bedbites a day / a billion google searches a day
Larry Paige and Serget Bin created google
After 10 years google became a huge corrapratin
Google is a threat to other corporates
Google was created in palo
First google search network was created out of Lego blocks and first headquarters was created in a garage.
Goo Gol a miss spelling of a scientific word was created in to the word Google.
There employers are encouraged to spend 20% of there day on google do something on it they enjoy.
Gmail was created in one day/launched on April:1st
Google is an advertising money making machine.
Took over just 6years for Larry and Sergent to become billoners.
Google receives just over a million job applications a year.
Google made sure they surrounded them self with genius people.
Google is moving into cloud computing.
Google has whiteboards everywhere to jot notes/draw and hadwritten to erase mistakes and figure out the problems and what they are creating.
China chooses what gets threw the china  fire wall on google.
by 2009 the number of internet users in china was more then the popultaion of the united states