Monday, October 18, 2010

Digtal Citzenship

-The right to free speach
- Right to privacy
- citzenship=responsbility
- Obey golden rule
- Harm= cyberbulling/ identity theft
- Digtal technolgy= supposta to be used to infoorm our kids about the future and the best way.
- Your rights and responsblitys of using the internet.

5 points
5 ways digtal citzenship is being used innapropitly ..
1. Students use digital cameras to take pictures of a test.
2. Students use text-messaging during class.
3. Teachers and students fail to keep up with virus protection and
back-up files.
4. Teachers do not provide technology access to those who do not
have technology at home.
5.Children are contuinsly being syberbullyed.

Digtal Citzenship Includes:
1.Technical awareness and access
2.Indivivual awareness
3.Soical awareness
4.Cultural awareness
5.Global awareness

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mine Rescue Global Impact

Mine rescue has a Global impact because,
- Miners were stuck down there for 69 days. Since augest:5th
- It took a full around the clock 48 hours to rescue everyone out from the mine.
- They sent down six workers to mine to help the miners.
- There was 33 miners stuck down under.
- Canada and USA and many other countries were involved in helping.
- Austrea built the time capsile to help get everyone out.
- The drill's were made from Pensilvanya
- Two expert drillers were brought out from Afghanstan
- A father miner whos daughter was born well he was underground, a former national footballer, returned to his family and his love for the game. and a miner who was forced to choose between his mistress and wife because, well he was underground his secret affair came out.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

My perfect learning enviorment

 What is your perfect learning enviorment?
My perfect learning enviorment is, being able to use your computeres and phones for the use of finding out the information you need to know. Some teachers are all for students learning on computers and meeting children on there own road exactly where there standing because, that is exactly where students will learn the best. But other teachers are all about the olden days when the old fashion paper and pencil was exactly what was used around the clock, when you had to look up your information by flipping threw huge books, book after book. My perfect learning enviorment, is a little of both. Being able to sit in class and learn but also having the mixture of learning to the best of our ability on todays technolgy. Only because, once we are sent out into the world things are a little diffrent now and not only you do you need to know how to read, write adn speak a language now you need two languages. Now you need to know how to work mobile phones and every app on a computer, you need to know how to vitualy communcatire anytime, anywhere because, if we dont know that were going to have to go right back to school to learn everything we didnt.