Monday, October 4, 2010

My perfect learning enviorment

 What is your perfect learning enviorment?
My perfect learning enviorment is, being able to use your computeres and phones for the use of finding out the information you need to know. Some teachers are all for students learning on computers and meeting children on there own road exactly where there standing because, that is exactly where students will learn the best. But other teachers are all about the olden days when the old fashion paper and pencil was exactly what was used around the clock, when you had to look up your information by flipping threw huge books, book after book. My perfect learning enviorment, is a little of both. Being able to sit in class and learn but also having the mixture of learning to the best of our ability on todays technolgy. Only because, once we are sent out into the world things are a little diffrent now and not only you do you need to know how to read, write adn speak a language now you need two languages. Now you need to know how to work mobile phones and every app on a computer, you need to know how to vitualy communcatire anytime, anywhere because, if we dont know that were going to have to go right back to school to learn everything we didnt.

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  1. Well said, Jessica. I agree with you, but I also think the school system needs to be edited to fit people's needs better. One teacher alone shouldn't have complete control over his/her students.
    For example, one person may learn better in a team with a team leader and a teacher breathing down their neck guiding them through various steps and activities, whereas another may learn better on his/her own just reading a book and answering a couple questions on a worksheet.
    My point is we shouldn't all be lumped together and everything mechanically organized.