Monday, October 18, 2010

Digtal Citzenship

-The right to free speach
- Right to privacy
- citzenship=responsbility
- Obey golden rule
- Harm= cyberbulling/ identity theft
- Digtal technolgy= supposta to be used to infoorm our kids about the future and the best way.
- Your rights and responsblitys of using the internet.

5 points
5 ways digtal citzenship is being used innapropitly ..
1. Students use digital cameras to take pictures of a test.
2. Students use text-messaging during class.
3. Teachers and students fail to keep up with virus protection and
back-up files.
4. Teachers do not provide technology access to those who do not
have technology at home.
5.Children are contuinsly being syberbullyed.

Digtal Citzenship Includes:
1.Technical awareness and access
2.Indivivual awareness
3.Soical awareness
4.Cultural awareness
5.Global awareness

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