Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mine Rescue Global Impact

Mine rescue has a Global impact because,
- Miners were stuck down there for 69 days. Since augest:5th
- It took a full around the clock 48 hours to rescue everyone out from the mine.
- They sent down six workers to mine to help the miners.
- There was 33 miners stuck down under.
- Canada and USA and many other countries were involved in helping.
- Austrea built the time capsile to help get everyone out.
- The drill's were made from Pensilvanya
- Two expert drillers were brought out from Afghanstan
- A father miner whos daughter was born well he was underground, a former national footballer, returned to his family and his love for the game. and a miner who was forced to choose between his mistress and wife because, well he was underground his secret affair came out.
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