Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Million Minutes Reflection.

One: My three favourite subjects in school are, Geography, French and Science.
Two: When i go to collage i wanna study medicane or war.
Three: My goals after graduation is to plan out my life, and go straght into making it, no break in between.
Four: I put a lot of time in to majour projects, i start my project the same time i get it. I like getting a head start on things, so that way i can go back and correct it if i have to.
Five: When i have homework and i need help i only ask my mom. I only ever need help with homework when it comes to math and that was both my parents best subjects.
Six: The only goals my parents have me is to be succesfull, they dont care what i become or what i do. They want good grades and a good education. I have no choice i have to go to university there's is absloutly no fighting that. But, my im always told i can do what ever i set my mind to as long as its going to get me somewhere.
Seven: I have had a few teachers that do not know the subject they are teaching. Deffintly my math teacher.. more then half my class was/is failing and its extremly hard to learn anything! Im always having to come home and get taught again. Which i never have trouble in any other courses. I think it all depends on the teacher.
Eight: Im extremly competive when it all comes down to it, i wanna pass but i wanna pass with a high number, i dont like getting the lowist grade out of all my friends. I put in all my effort into until it gets to the point like math if the teachers not helping i cant get it then its done. I dont like failing cause i feel like i let my parents down.
Nine: Its a concurn in the way that if they are not coming from our country but come from say India and take up all our spots i dont think thats far because, thats our source of education they have got there own. But, then again if they worked for it i guess they deserve it. although i dont full agree with it. And when i walk away from this course i will have the knowledge to be so much more aware with the world.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two Milllion Minutes.

- Americans arent golably aware on whats happening there more occupied on whats happening in there community.
- Two million minnutes a year.
- Most of Chinas top universitys people come there to study, math, engenering and science.
- 1/3 of Indian children are in a profit school.
- In India engenering in the most chossen job.
- 40% of the students in the u.s.a do not take any science classes.
- American students typically only score high on one thing .. self-confidence.
- American education K-12 has been a failure.
- 3% african american 20% whites 34% asian-americans 4% hyspanics
have a high rating in math by grade 12.
- Out of all the states America places 24th in Math.
- India is strugeling to get out of poverty, People in India are chosing to be an ingeneer because,
they know that this is one job that will for sure take them out of poverty.
- China has a one child polisy in education, so they invest lots in one child to make sure
they are supported and get a good education.
- People are sayinga Americans life seems almost like a dream, only study when they want to.
- Indian students get at 4:30am to start there studying and go to the night, sometimes without a break.
- Some Indian students get up at 7am and go threw right till 7pm.
- Education system in India is much more intense, you must graduate high school with a certain
grade point average to even be considred for a good job.
- Chinas school year is a full month longer then u.s.a school year, plus china goes longer with there day.
- When you calculate it all up, China students has spent twice as long studying then the u.s.a students.
- The average american student spends 900 hours studying & 1,500 hours watching tv.
- 110 students are studying english in China.
- Nearly 60% of engennering degrees are earned in the u.s.a but more then half are international.
- Your competting with anyone, anyhwere in the world.\

- The number doesnt matter, its the people of those numbers. How experinced and knowledgble they are.- Only the highest score in the end are accpeted.