Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Million Minutes Reflection.

One: My three favourite subjects in school are, Geography, French and Science.
Two: When i go to collage i wanna study medicane or war.
Three: My goals after graduation is to plan out my life, and go straght into making it, no break in between.
Four: I put a lot of time in to majour projects, i start my project the same time i get it. I like getting a head start on things, so that way i can go back and correct it if i have to.
Five: When i have homework and i need help i only ask my mom. I only ever need help with homework when it comes to math and that was both my parents best subjects.
Six: The only goals my parents have me is to be succesfull, they dont care what i become or what i do. They want good grades and a good education. I have no choice i have to go to university there's is absloutly no fighting that. But, my im always told i can do what ever i set my mind to as long as its going to get me somewhere.
Seven: I have had a few teachers that do not know the subject they are teaching. Deffintly my math teacher.. more then half my class was/is failing and its extremly hard to learn anything! Im always having to come home and get taught again. Which i never have trouble in any other courses. I think it all depends on the teacher.
Eight: Im extremly competive when it all comes down to it, i wanna pass but i wanna pass with a high number, i dont like getting the lowist grade out of all my friends. I put in all my effort into until it gets to the point like math if the teachers not helping i cant get it then its done. I dont like failing cause i feel like i let my parents down.
Nine: Its a concurn in the way that if they are not coming from our country but come from say India and take up all our spots i dont think thats far because, thats our source of education they have got there own. But, then again if they worked for it i guess they deserve it. although i dont full agree with it. And when i walk away from this course i will have the knowledge to be so much more aware with the world.

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