Thursday, September 30, 2010

Digtal Nation

-Students are distracted between there studies and there outside internet world.|
-Students belive that they are able to multitask and are able to give both jobs at the time 100%
but, the teachers say that you can not mulit task you can only do one thing at a time to succesed to the best of your abiltiy.
-Teachers did a study on the students to see how fast and effective they can multi task and still do there job to the best of ther abilty but, they found that they were very slow and non efficent when multi tasking.
-Our genration tends to distract ourselves to death.
-Do we actually even do anything creative?
-People feel like since there so distracted and mulitasking that when people dont anwser them as fast as you respond to them they tend to see ther minds race are you mad at me? whats wrong?
-kids are spending more then 50hours of a week digtal media.
-How a young person chosses to spend there childhood will detarmin how they live and how there brain is when they grow up.
-Drinking and Smoking is just as addictive as video games, the internet and plain old technolgy.
-In south korea there is something callled "PC bombs" this is rooms that people can stay and play video games all hours of the day and night, people have even been found to die in these rooms because, people have spent more then 50 hours playing these games without little food or water.
- 90% of south koren children use the intrenet on a daily basis and 10 - 15% of those childern are at a majour risk.
- South Korea is even now trying to treat video game users as a mental disabilty.
- South Korea has even opened a free intrent rescue camp to rescue these kids from technolgy.
they are left there for two weeks.
- The internet is the "new human being" the new updated human.
- "Constintly playing video games, shrinks your ability to think"
- "The dumbist genration" the kids today are the dumbist genration beacuse, we are not really acdemcially smart as the genration before us only because, we have same many digtal distractions.
- Only 6% of the Unvirsity students come prepared to class with pen and paper.
- Marc Printske writes many books on digtal natives.
-If you dont keep up with the new technolgy, your left behind.
-Most people meet there lifetime partners in the online game room.
- Real lives are migrating to virtual lives
- Army sergants after being in war some are in post trammettic/anxiety and stress and they come back home to go to one of the 40 places that virtualy treat them.
- Some people are disconnecting because, they are at war all day and then able to come home and visit, be with there famillys.
- America has a free gaming army store where you are able to come and play the video games, and see what war is like, there are using it as a recutting center.
- People are protesting to shut down the army recuting free video games center because, they say that is tricking kids to coming into the army and they are getting confused between virtual are reality.
- The game world is equaly rich as reading a book.
- More and more schools are teaching threw the computers, they say that we have to meet kids on there level.
- What will we hold on to and what will we leave behind?

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