Friday, September 17, 2010

Social Networking

My first experience with social networking was msn, absolutely everyone had it and that was the "new cell phone" before everyone had cell phones everyone had msn and that's how you communicated with all your friends. But now the new social networking is all about face book and cell phones, to make plans or talk to someone or even share what your doing in your life its all done over the common the cell phone and face book, now they have even made cell phones so you can atomically take a picture and send it over your phone to face book or even across the world within a matter of seconds.  I believe that most of these social networking sits and utensils are not being used properly because, now all you hear about is people posting inappropriate things all over the Internet. Even all bullying now is done threw the social networking communications because, everyone has become to wimpy and adapted to hiding behind a computer or a cell phone to cyber bully someone else, i think that the world would be allot easy er/happier and simpler if these social networks were not created.

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